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WanWaks® Hosting

A Winning Hosting Company

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WanWaks® Hosting continues to offer the best hosting solutions anywhere on the East and Central African region and we would like to involve your business as well.

Do you plan for your business to have a custom email address that is not gmail or yahoo based and therefore look more professional? You can get this for as low as Ksh. 950 | $12 per year with our Chiriku hosting package.


WanWaks® Hosting will integrate your current gmail or yahoo accounts or any other free email service providers with your new customized email address just so that you don’t lose your contacts, and

the good news is We do it for FREE ! !

Also want to know how many visitors land on your website per day or in weeks?

Do not worry!

WanWaks® Hosting reports this statistics to all its subscribers every month or at any moment upon request at no additional amount. So,

Do not lose out this incredible chance to monitor your online activity.

WanWaks® Hosting also offer a range of safe, reliable and efficient hosting solutions all named after beautiful and majestic birds that adorn the plains and mountains of Africa and these birds are yours for the taking.


Our Hosting Packages

Chiriku (Ksh.950 | $ 12)

Per Year

The Chiriku package is the smallest deal that is on offer at WanWaks Hosting. It is ideal for small businesses, aspiring politicians, students, small blogs and for individuals whose footprint on the internet is small.

This bird comes with 1GB storage and with other options. To learn More.

get This Bird

Njiwa (Ksh.1,999 | $ 24)

Per Year

Njiwa is a moderately busy bird and that is why we dedicate this package to sites that are also moderately active. If your site receives at least 50 visits a month then Njiwa is the bird for you.

This package comes with 2.5 GB storage capacity and with the option of handling an unlimited number of users

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Kipanga (Ksh.3,999 | $ 49)

Per Year

For a site that is registering an ever increasing number of visits, then Kipanga is the bird for you.

Many site owners don’t really know the number of visits per month or the level of activity that their site is going to handle and so to be on the safe side we advise them to have Kipanga flying over their troubles.

get This Bird

Kasuku (Ksh9,999 | $ 117)

Per Year

Is your company mid-sized? Or does your site receive about 200 visitors a month? Then Kasuku is the bird for you.

Kasuku is a bird known for its level activity and to contain this activity you need a lot of bandwidth and storage capacity.

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Tai (Ksh.19,950 | ($ 239)

Per Year

This is our power package and it is ideal for big businesses and organizations whose sites register more than 500 guests a month.

This power package has everything as unlimited alongside other privileges

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Why WanWaks® Hosting

Our packages subscription is automatic and fully integrated with your convenient money transaction partners like Mpesa, Airtel Money, Pay Pal, MasterCard, Visa Card, Pesa Pay e.t.c

On top of this, we have

  • 24/7 award winning support team
  • Free eMails setup and integration with your current gmail/yahoo accounts
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Robust servers that ensures 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
  • Instant backups with custom cPanel
  • Each package has unlimited FTP accounts
  • Each package has unlimited Data Bases

All our cPanel's functionalities support the latest scripting platforms and your favorite Content Management System(CMS). All supported web hosting features with every package include;

  • Word Press hosting, Joomla, Magento and Drupal hosting
  • Email Hosting
  • Domain/FTP features
  • eCommerce
  • Web Statistics and Scripting features

WanWaks® also offers Domain Registration for both international and Local addresses at reasonable prices per annum. Click here to learn more!

Help Line

Help Line

Help Line

Our Team is Waiting. Contact them anytime 24/7 for enquiries to begin Counting Feathers Today !

or call Us Today on

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